WMA Wins Big At The PUMA International

We have been training hard as a team in the build up to the largest PUMA event of the year, the International Open. The majority of students training 4-5 times per week to prepare themselves to perform to their highest potential... any they certi=ainly excused that on the mats!

The day started with the black belts, with 2 bronze medals picked up in the patterns, followed by 2 gold medals, a silver and a bronze in sparring. Then came the colour belts, who all of them performed absolutely brilliantly in some very large categories. We had a host of medals in including some new champions in sparring.

We always stress to our students that what matters in competition is their performance and attitude, not the metalware, that's just a nice bonus. All students lived up to those expectations and some. Thank you!

WMA would like to thank all of the PUMA family for such a great event and some new memories made. We love catching up with our TKD friends outside of PUMA also.

As well as well done to all of our competitors, a huge thank you to the parents/support staff that make the day possible.


11 competitors, 4 golds, 1 silver, 5 bronze in some big categories!

Jack G- silver Sam G- gold Is C- bronze Ella C- bronze Ro G- gold, bronze Molly O- bronze Josh S- gold Chloe G- great performance Daniel M- bronze Corey F- gold Mason D- great performances

Check out our highlights video here- https://youtu.be/ya5zqIWLUDc

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