WMA vs Corona

I hope you are all safe and well? No doubt most of you have been anticipating that we unfortunately cannot use the community centre..

However! Classes are still on! Here is the WMA vs Corona contingency plan-

• I will be posting out regular video workshops for you all to do at home, some by me and other PUMA instructors.

• Wednesday‘s class timetable will still run.. via a Skype group video call!

So on Wednesday at 5 pm I will be doing a LP’s class, juniors at 5.30, cadets 6.30, adults 7.30. At the start of each class, I will post a link to this group for anyone that would like to join in. More info nearer the time.

• Every WMA student can book in a 121 30 minute online class once a week until Coniston is back open. I will be doing this week days between 2-5 pm. Slots are first come first served and done via Skype.

book your session here- https://www.whitlockmartialarts.com/bookings-checkout/121-online-class-with-mr-w

skype address- https://join.skype.com/invite/nPHVukZ7TO6L

This will be a tough period for us all I’m sure. But we can keep our spirits high and our body fit together. If anyone has any queries about any of the above. Please contact me.

many thanks, Mr W


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