A Beautiful Message From Master Malcolm Jones

For everyone in the same boat

4 walls,mats and a roof.

People jumping around


Working hard

Improving their minds

It's just a Martial arts class!

Things get built here -

Stronger bodies.

Fitter bodies.

Confident bodies.

Things get broken here -




.....but it's just a Martial arts class!

Friendships are forged.

Community is created.

We rally together in the sad times.

We celebrate the good times.

.....but it's just a Martial arts class!

We conquer our demons.

We relieve our stress.

We quiet the voices in our heads.

We feel at home here.

.....but it's just a Martial arts class!

It's the date in our diary we never miss.

It's the time for us to be carefree.

It's the place where we can let go.

It's part of our lives.

It's not just a Martial arts class.

We will be back. Stronger than ever. Together.

❤️Sending love to all the Martial arts professionals & students out there who are feeling the effects of losing what we love❤️


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