Self Protection Seminar

Updated: Feb 6

On Sunday the 2nd of Feb WMA were host to self protection and martial arts expert Mr Adam Woodhouse. 24 Students from Swindon to Oxfordshire had travelled to Patchway for the 3 hour seminar.

The participants used a mixture of drills and pad work covering a number of subjects related to Self Protection. There were conversations that were of very serious nature, as the subject of self protection requires, and there were also times of laughter, and clear enjoyment.

The 3 hours flew by, and after an interesting Q&A session, a WMA t-shirt presented to Mr Woodhouse as a token of our appreciation, and a quick photo opportunity, the students bowed and left the dojang smiling and chatting about the experience they had just had.

Again, a massive thank you to Mr Woodhouse for his time, experience and knowledge. And a huge thank you to all of the students and instructors that attended, and made sure of a pleasant atmosphere to learn in. We will be hosting another seminar later in the year. Watch this space!

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