Little PUMA's

martial arts for 4-6 yr olds

Little PUMA's offers fun, fitness, confidence, and discipline for you child. Our classes are designed to develop motor control, memory, balance and agility. We utilise a mixture of training methods including line work, pads, drills, and games to develop your child's motor and cognitive skills. Preparing them for the junior Takewon-do class, going to school, and life in general!

The Little PUMA’s programme uses the principles of Respect, Discipline, Courtesy and Confidence to teach important life skills through a theme based syllabus. The themes include:

  • Co-ordination

  • Discipline

  • Focus/concentration

  • Balance

  • Stranger danger/emergency skills

  • Teamwork/leadership

  • Fitness

  • Memory

Classes are twice a week and are 30 minutes long. When they turn 7 they move into the junior TKD class.

Our Little PUMA's classes-

  • Wednesday 5-5.30 pm

  • Sunday 2-2.30 pm

All held at Coniston Community Centre, Patchway, BS34 5LP